Say no to City of Wanneroo cruelly trapping foxes and poisoning rabbits

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Please tell Wanneroo Council that cruel animal control measures have no place in our community, because all animals deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion by those who control the environments in which they live. 

This is why The Animal Justice Party WA vehemently opposes the killing of wild foxes and rabbits, which the City of Wanneroo is carrying out from 11 January until March 2021, using cruel and inhumane methods.

Leg traps, which are known to cause significant pain and distress even if they are padded, will be used to catch foxes. Frantic attempts to escape the trap can lead to swelling, lacerations, and even dislocations and fractures. Foxes may inflict injuries on themselves by chewing at their leg or the trap itself, and particularly in hot weather they risk suffering exposure, thirst, starvation, and shock. Other non-target animals also run the risk of being trapped and suffering similar harm.

Rabbits will be targeted with oats laced with poison or Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV). Both methods will cause painful and often drawn-out deaths.

Whilst the AJP acknowledges the damage to native ecosystems that introduced species can cause, it also recognises that these species are themselves innocent victims of previous human exploitation. The Party believes that we owe it to these animals to restore ecological balance through long-term, non-lethal population control methods, such as immunocontraception and other emerging technologies. AJP WA calls for an immediate end to leg trapping and baiting (and all other inhumane population control methods), and for increased research into and development of more humane measures.

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