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Make Our Neighborhoods Safer!!

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Drivers have been speeding through Virginia Beach residential areas for years. On September 27, 2017 a family was hit by a vehicle. As a result, a child has life threatening injuries and the mother has been seriously injured. Residents have been imploring the city for years to make our streets safer. Some of our neighborhoods are used as short cuts to get from one area to another. It is time for the city to take action and do something to make our neighborhoods safer. The speed limit in residential neighborhoods is 25 mph, but it is not unusual for drivers to be going 40+. It makes it dangerous for children going to school and families taking walks or riding bikes. Many of us have had close calls from the drivers who disregard the speed limit, run stop signs and drive distracted. This happens by schools and parks where children congregate. Every year our taxes have been going up but the city ignores our pleas. It is time for the safety of residents to be a priority. How many more accidents will it take for the city to take this issue seriously? How many more families will have to be affected by loved ones being injured or possibly killed before the city does something? The city wants to have residential areas jump through numerous hoops before the streets are made safer, yet they do nothing to ensure the safety. Putting up signs and portable speed trailers has not deterred those drivers who use our neighborhoods as short cuts from speeding. We experience these issues daily and need a long term solution for the safety of our families and children.









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