Improve and Expand Cecelia Ravine Bike Park

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Our beloved bike park, Cecelia Ravine is in dire need of maintenance. The features have been worn down and need re-sculpting. 

This maintenance should be done annually. The park is less interesting to ride when the features have been rounded off by use and erosion.

Ideally, the bike park would be expanded to accommodate a greater number of beginner and intermediate riders and help them practice a variety of skills.

The bike park is well used and needs amenities near the park entrance like benches, shade and beautification.

In 2017, the City underwent an improvement planning process with the Burnside Community. Although some voices requested upgrades to the bike skills park, upgrades are not currently planned. There are lots of other improvements planned but they all but miss the bike skills park. This petition is meant to bring together many positive voices interested in this bike park. Cecelia Ravine Improvements Page


If you're interested in more info about bike parks, riding bikes with kids, or kids’ events, join the catchall facebook group "Build a Bike Park at Topaz".   

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