Keep US Veterans Selling Ice Cream on Ventnor’s Beaches

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In response to the Ventnor City Commissioners considering contracting out Ice Cream sales on the beach, we request that  the US Veterans that currently sell ice cream on the Ventnor Beaches continue to be the only source of ice cream sales on our beaches for the following reasons:

  1. We currently have US Veterans  selling ice cream and they deserve these jobs. We will not accept having our veterans lose these jobs.
  2. These veterans have been serving generations of our families. They are like family to us. They know our names, our parents’ names and our kids’ names. Some have been serving our beach community for more than 40 years!
  3. Our children have been employed by these wonderful veterans and have learned the value of hard work from them. 
  4. We like our ice cream selections and prices. We do not want a company coming in and changing our options while raising the prices. 
  5. They are a part of the wonderful family atmosphere at the Ventnor beaches. Contracting out the sales of ice cream will result in random sales people willing to work for the lowest wage and incentivized to skip conversing with the customers and sell as much as possible. 

We strongly encourage the Ventnor City Commissioners to keep Ice Cream sales on the beaches as they are today, in the hands of our wonderful US Veterans who are, for all intents and purposes a part of our beach family. 

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