Stop the Erasure of Black History in Vancouver, BC

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In 1971 the City of Vancouver demolished a predominantly Black Neighbourhood by the name of Hogan's Alley. This was done in the name of "infrastructure progress" and also planned on the demolishment of Chinatown and Gastown. This plan actively targeted poor neighbourhoods, as well as neighbourhoods of Black and Chinese Canadians, but was ultimately stopped by activists and citizens of Vancouver.  

Unfortunately, not before Hogan's Alley had already been destroyed, and replaced with the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts

The City of Vancouver actively and willfully played a part in the erasure of Black Communities as recently as the 1970s, and the City of Vancouver and the Government of British Columbia have willfully or inadvertently played a part in the erasure of the history of Black Canadians and Black Canadian communities by refusing to officially acknowledge the injustice of these acts or the existence of Hogan's Alley in the public sphere aside from a small plaque, which effectively does nothing to solve the issue but absolve them of responsibility. 

Now, the city wants to demolish the viaducts it erased an entire community to build, not 50 years later, and replace them with a bike park and highrises. 

This petition asks that the City of Vancouver officially acknowledges the injustice it made upon the black community. 

Beyond that, this petition demands that the current NEFC Plan be amended, and a plan that respects and emphasizes monumentalizing Hogan's Alley in a way that is accessible, and affordable to all be drafted in corroboration with organizations such as the Hogan's Alley Society, who have been "undertaking a needs assessment and analysis study of the former Hogan’s Alley Block, [and] working toward the development of a functional plan," as well as the wants and needs of the current Vancouver Black Community, and that this plan is publicly released. 

The City has "indicated intent to build a cultural centre" on Main Street according to The Hogan's Alley Society of Vancouver. This petition asks for written confirmation that such a centre will be built. 

It also requests that the City of Vancouver and the Government of British Columbia make donations to non-profit organizations across Vancouver aimed at uplifting and educating racialized and marginalized communities such as, but not limited to, Hogan's Alley Society, National Congress of Black Women Foundation BC, Black Women Connect Vancover, and The BC Community Alliance, to make reparations for the loss of the community which they displaced. 

Finally, we request that the city make an escalated effort to educate its citizens on the history of Black-Canadians that did much to build this city, as is its moral responsibility to its citizens.

Make no mistake, Hogan's Alley was a culturally rich and diverse place, and Vancouver is much worse off without it. If you would like to learn more about Hogan's Alley or the rest of Vancouver's record of "forgotten" history, resources include but are not limited to:


I have no affiliation with any of the organizations listed in this petition.