Stop Glenn Zeller (Affenzeller) and Dog Talk Ventures

Stop Glenn Zeller (Affenzeller) and Dog Talk Ventures

November 2, 2019
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Kennedy Stewart (Mayor of the City of Vancouver) and 10 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Julie Davidson

We ask that the City of Vancouver immediately revoke the business licence of Dog Talk Ventures, owned by Glenn Zeller (AKA Glenn Affenzeller).

Mr. Zeller’s own four dogs were seized by the SPCA in October 2019 after they were found to be “in distress”; living in poor conditions with numerous untreated medical issues. The seizure came as a result of an investigation launched by the BC-SPCA after Mr. Zeller was (allegedly) recorded "lifting a client's dog from the ground, briefly suspending it in the air, then forcefully driving the left side of the dog's skull onto the street, then striking the dog on the right side of his face twice in rapid succession and five seconds later striking the dog again in the face with a closed fist".

The SPCA will be requesting the Crown lay animal cruelty charges against Mr. Zeller.

Dog Talk Ventures - licenced in the City of Vancouver

SPCA Report

News Report on Seizure

Support now
Signatures: 5,937Next Goal: 7,500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Kennedy StewartMayor of the City of Vancouver
  • Adrienne CarrCouncillor for the City of Vancouver
  • Melissa Degenova
  • Lisa Dominato
  • Pete Fry