Save Cottonwood Community Garden!

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As a consequence of the plan to remove the Dunsmuir and Georgia Viaducts, the City of Vancouver needs to decide on how and where to route the traffic from Main Street to Clark Avenue. Originally, the City planned to make Malkin Avenue the new "arterial." The City has put in place a Third Party Consultation Process to look at four options, including three versions for Malkin Avenue, and make a recommendation to City Council. (For details and how to get on the panel see

Malkin Avenue is the right-of-way for a downtown freeway that was never built. This right-of-way is 12 lanes wide and parts of Cottonwood Garden, Strathcona Garden and Strathcona Park have all been developed on this unused right-of-way. Cottonwood Community Garden will be most affected if Malkin Avenue is widened and turned into a traffic arterial. (Learn more about the garden and its history by reading Oliver Kellhammer's Cottonwood Community Garden: Oasis in Peril.)

If you feel like we do that Cottonwood Community Garden must not be sacrificed to facilitate traffic to and from the downtown core, please sign this petition and share it widely!  Like our Facebook page Save Cottonwood Community Garden to stay in touch with news & events.