No Tower @ Alma & Broadway

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The City of Vancouver has received an application to rezone 3701-3743 West Broadway at Alma St. from RS-1 (single family dwelling) and C-2 (Commercial District) to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) to allow for the development of a 14-storey mixed-use tower of 172.6 ft., 161 units, 27 residential parking, 5.3 FSR.

A recent revised application as shown in the photo above, has not addressed the main concerns as detailed below. The revised application is on the right.

This proposal would set a huge precedent for both West Point Grey and Kitsilano. While situated in West Point Grey, this precedent-setting development would affect future development in both neighbourhoods since it is located on the boundary.  It also sets a precedent for the forthcoming development in the Jericho Lands, which lie only one block away.

This development as proposed:

  • is disrespectful of surrounding neighbourhood context and character, both commercial and residential;
  • is in conflict with the West Pt. Grey Community Vision, which was approved by City Council in 2010;
  • would undermine broader affordability and displace local residents by increasing inflationary pressure on local land values, including nearby rental properties;
  • increases environmental ecological footprint;
  • proposed building height extends way above the tree canopy;
  • design and scale of proposed structure would restrict sunlight to adjacent residential and public spaces; and
  • impacts on existing views from across the neighbourhoods.

You can read more through the City’s website here.

This petition requests that the City of Vancouver does not approve a tower for this site and instead keeps development within human scale, below the tree canopy and within the character of the existing local community. This commercial mixed-use site should remain within existing zoning of 4 storeys ,or at the most, not go higher than the 6 storeys as an incentive for 100% rentals that the developer originally proposed.