Keep our Christopher Columbus Statue

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In the light of recant events, some misguided souls have started a movement to remove the long standing Statue of Christopher Columbus located on the corner of Mohawk St and the Parkway in Utica New York.  For those of us that have a good handle of our history we believe the statue should be allowed to stay. In recent years many false versions of history have been spread through out the world and have cause many people to feel that the right thing to do is to try and erase the parts of history you don't agree with. History is not to be erased but remembered and learned from good, bad or indifferent. I feel that if we as Americans continue to erase our history I fear that we will turn this country into a disorganized, unsafe and uncontrollable mess that will destroy the American way of life for ever. I would like to encourage all Americans to reconsider erasing our history, but take pride in all and learn from the wrongs so it never happens again. As an American of Italian descent, I find it an insult to all American-Italians that Christopher Columbus is being treated as such a villain.