Save Diesel's Life

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Please help save Diesel by signing this petition! As of 5/30/19, he only has 8 more days to live and then he will be killed at the City of Tracy Animal Services in Tracy, California

Please email all the City officials and let them know you think Diesel deserves another chance at life:

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Shelter Manager/Operations Manager

Interim Police Chief, Alex Neicu


Diesel is well known in Tracy.  He had standing appointments at the local Groomer.  He went in to the local Petsmart and received his obedience training.  He has stayed at the local Doggy Daycare and everyone loves him there.  People in the community are stating what a sweet dog Diesel is, but he is on death row now.  He got in to trouble twice in a short period of time.  Mind you, this is a very large dog.  He is a Tibetan Mastiff, approximately two years old.  His first issue was when he went out in his front yard.  He lives in a home that has a small older white picket fence that surrounds his front yard.  A neighbor happened to be out with her dog in the neighboring yard.  Diesel was on a leash, but when the Yorkie charged at Diesel through the fence, Diesel reacted, by charging back and going through the little fence when his guardian was not expecting it.  His momentum made his head hit the woman in her side,  once she had scooped up her little Yorkie.  She suffered a bruise and puncture wounds where Diesel’s head and most likely teeth hit the woman. It was a minor injury.  Since the injury did break skin though, City of Tracy Animal Services stated that Diesel needed to stay at the shelter in quarantine for 10 days. Diesel’s guardian did as she was told and took Diesel in to stay at the Tracy Shelter.  She promptly picked him up after the 10 days were up.  She complied with the advice of Animal Control and put up signs stating beware of dog and no solicitors.  A few weeks later, she had a solicitor knock on her door.  She opened the door a crack to see if it was her Amazon package being delivered, but there was a man at the door with the screen open. This startled Diesel’s guardian as the man started to introduce himself and Diesel jumped in to action doing what he thought was protecting his guardian.  He bit the man and caused him injury on his forearm. Both adults played a part in Diesel getting in to trouble, no doubt.  The man for ignoring signage and still coming on the property and the guardian for opening up the door, even if it was just a crack. People make mistakes and unfortunate things can happen.  Since the incident, Diesel’s guardian has made all the necessary changes in her home to insure no more incidents happen, but the order has been made to have Diesel killed.

This petition was created in response to the overwhelming response from people who think Diesel should have another chance and not have his life taken from him.  He had been a good dog out in the community and everyone loved him, before the two unfortunate incidences happened.  Diesel’s guardian has taken all steps to insure that Diesel will not have an opportunity again to get in to trouble at home. 

If you think Diesel should have another chance at life, we would be very thankful if you can sign this petition.

Thank you so much