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Stop the removal of a free food garden in park limits.

City of Toronto:
Occupiers world round are no longer waiting for permission from public officials to take action that supports sustainability, including providing free, healthy food to those in need. Many of us are in need. The City of Seattle has celebrated the local food forest movement by contributing $20,000 in support of the Beacon Food Forest in Jefferson Park. Indeed, the department of neighborhoods contributed $100,000 in support of this collaboration that will bring together cultures, permaculture activists, community officials and foodies alike. Those in places of power should be focusing on building relationships rather than destroying them. This is important because our public officials are public servants and they need to be answering to the public outcry that is demanding food, water, health and homes that are free from environmental and economic pollution. City of Toronto, please show what you are made of, take leadership guidance from the City of Seattle, and make amends with your local Occupy chapter to replant and expand the Food Forest.

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  • City of Toronto Parks Director Richard Ubbens

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