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The agreement between Toronto and Ryerson University was that they would put the Sam the Record Man sign back up after it was removed for construction.  Now the city is going to let them out of this deal because Ryerson doesn't like the aestehtics, feels it will be expensive, and a myriad of other complaints that frankly are not relevant because they are just not our problem.  The only thing that's relevant is that they were allowed to build at this location if they agreed to put the sign back up.  So they should.

And they legally have to.  Unless the city turns the other cheek.

We're asking the city to do the absolute bare minimum, and make Ryerson honour the deal they made with the people of Toronto. It's a joke that this is even a debate. This is not pro or anti Ryerson, this is pro the people of Toronto and our interests over the interests of Ryerson. Ryerson made a legal pledge to us and now we just want them to honour the deal. End of story.

Letter to
Toronto and East York Community Council, Chair - Councillor Paula Fletcher
Toronto and East York Community Council, local Councillor - Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
Do not let Ryerson reneg on the deal to put up Sam the Record Man signage

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