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Stop Pig Wrestling (Hug-a-Pig) in Tomah WI


The Monroe County Fair in Tomah, Wisconsin is a beloved tradition in southern Wisconsin. The community comes together to enjoy family-friendly entertainment and local culture. Unfortunately, the fair is not fun for everyone. The infamous "hug a pig" event is not only falsely named, it is extremely inhumane and cruel to these gentle creatures.  

This event entails three-person teams chasing a little pig around a small muddy pit, ultimately trying to stuff her into a tank before their time runs out. While the crowd cheers on with excitement, the terrified pigs struggle desperately to get away from the manhandling and assault they will endure if they are caught.

On June 16, 2016 the Stoughton pig wrestling contest in Wisconsin was canceled partly because of a petition which was signed by over 10,000 people.

These events are common during fairs across the state and you can easily search videos of them online demonstrating that these animals are mistreated. This event must end. All animals have the right to be treated with dignity.

We are imploring the Monroe County Fair Board, please cancel your planned pig wrestling contest.

According to a Professor of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, while these events seem harmless, they cause physical and emotional harm to the pig. They are considered “prey” animals and instinctively fear being chased by a predator. The pigs often urinate or defecate out of sheer terror while being chased and wrestled. Pigs are sensitive, loving creatures and they deserve to be treated with respect.

Join the Alliance for Animals and the Environment in calling on the Monroe Fair Board to cancel this cruel event and replace it with a humane alternative activity. Please sign this petition and share it with others.

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