Permanent Removal of the Confederate Flag off I-75 and I-4 Tampa

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The infamous eyesore known as the "World's 2nd Largest Confederate Flag" that flies over Tampa's I-75 and I-4 intersection has been temporarily removed by the Tampa chapter of Sons of the Confederate due to threats of burning it down. However, this petition advocates for its PERMANENT removal. The flag is a symbol of hatred, division, and inequality to African Americans, who have to see it unjustly honored everyday while driving down Interstate-75. 

No matter the historical significance, it is inappropriate for Confederate memorabilia to be put on display for such a vast audience, and the message it sends to the citizens of Tampa is one full of nothing but hatred and white supremacy. A Nazi flag would never be flown with such pride in the city of Tampa, so neither should this Confederate flag, as both promote racism and bloodshed.

Given recent events, it would be of utmost importance for the city of Tampa and Mayor Jane Castor to acknowledge this painful and unnecessary preservation of history, and take action by either removing the flag, or taking away the Sons of the Confederate's license to fly the flag in such a public vicinity. Tampa's black community deserves better - and the city should be standing in solidarity with them during such painful times.