Give Greyhounds time slots to use the fenced dog exercise areas.

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Exercising and socialising a Greyhound is quite the conundrum.

Local laws dictate that Greyhounds may not be off lead in public spaces. Therefore to allow our Greyhounds to free run off lead and still follow the letter of the law, this leaves us with only one option - to hire a private venue. This is not only expensive, but also deprives our dogs from casual socialising. 

I propose the local dog parks within the City Of Swan implement time slots where Greyhounds can use the facilities to be themselves, stretch their legs, and have some doggo fun. I propose that during these time slots other breeds are not restricted but cautioned. This would give greyhound owners the peace of mind that they would be afforded equality of liability in the case of an injury or accident. Something many of us fear. 

We know that some local Greyhound owners do take the risk of using the dog parks off lead. The ramifications of this should an injury occur, is great, yet many owners do not feel their dogs should be denied the right to free run. At the moment Greyhound owners can’t win. Either you take your dog to the local park and risk a fine, or at the worst your dog being destroyed, and if you don’t, you have to pay for your dog to run free in private. 

The antiquated laws that impose restrictions on this typically gentle breed do nothing but perpetuate the stigma that Greyhounds are dangerous. They are like any other breed of dog. Some have a high prey drive, some don’t, some are reactive to other dogs, some aren’t. Some prefer hanging out with big dogs, some prefer small. Some are really great with kids, some aren’t. 

I think it’s time we stop denying this breed the right other dogs are automatically afforded. I understand progress takes time, so until the laws are updated to abolish the current restrictions, I think the inclusion of time slots is an excellent compromise. 

I propose three one hour sessions per week. One on Sunday, one during school hours, and one during the week at 7:30am or 6pm.