#SurreyStandUp: Dismantle Anti-Black Racism

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Did you know Surrey is 60% Black, Indigenous, and people of colour? Ok, now did you know Surrey has the largest Black population in British Columbia?

Currently, we're in the midst of the largest civil rights movement of our generation. Unlike many other Canadian cities this past week (Vancouver, Richmond, Toronto), our hometown of Surrey has yet to make a public statement committing to anti-racism in our city.

We ❤ Surrey! Please help us encourage the City of Surrey to show solidarity with Black and Indigenous communities by making a public statement committing to anti-racism in our city. These are not just American issues. Racism and bigotry affect our communities right here at home - everyday.

A public statement might:

  1. Acknowledge that anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism exist in the City
  2. Acknowledge that civic institutions have tacitly perpetuated systematic racism
  3. Clarify what percentage of the executive leadership of the City is diverse, and how that can change
  4. Commit to actively dismantling systemic racism, discrimination and intolerance from our systems
  5. Commit to a policy ensuring that Surrey is an inclusive and equitable place for Black and Indigenous and POC communities

This petition was made in partnership with Ezeadi Patrick U Onukwulu, CEO and Artistic Director of AHFOMAD Festival .We are both Surrey-based organizations who deeply care about our city and our communities.

If you'd like to write a letter to the Surrey City Councillors, please use this template that a supporter has generously provided.