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Petitioning City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and 10 others

City of Surrey, BC, Canada: Stop the destruction of the forest on the Bose Farm

It's time to make a stand and keep our neighbourhood livable.

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City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts
MLA, Surrey - Cloverdale Stephanie Cadieux
City Surrey, Planning Aileen Murphy
and 8 others
City Surrey, Council Tom Gill
City Surrey, Council Mary Martin
City Surrey, Council Marvin Hunt
City Surrey, Council Linda Hepner
City Surrey, Council Judy Villeneuve
City Surrey, Council Barinder Rasode
City Surrey, Council Barbara Steele
City Surrey, Council Bruce Hayne (City Surrey, Council)
Stop the destruction of the forest on Bose Farm.

The farm located at 16420 64 Ave has been slated for development. In July 2012 people voiced their concerns about the over population of schools, the increase in traffic and parked cars, and demanded that all 300+ trees in the forest be saved. The proposal was unanimously denied at that time.

City Council has since agreed to the removal of 200+ of the trees and an increase in the number of townhouses from 158 to 249.

The approval of this proposal by City Council flies in the face of what the public has demanded in regard to keeping the forest and reducing the burden on our local schools and neighbourhood.

By signing this petition we are demanding that the plans for this development be re-worked to save all of the forest and to reduce the number of residences allowed so as not to cause even more burden on our over-populated schools and neighbourhood.

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