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Stop the destruction of our beach in Surfside Florida

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Since the start of the construction of the Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences of Surfside, the owners have considered the beach as part of their construction site: see some of the problems in the press Now that the construction is on its final stage, they want to have a wide beach to offer to their customers. But Mother Nature doesn't agree! The sand that they poured on the beach moves North each time some Easterly wind generate some waves and current. In a futile but dangerous attempt to keep the beach wide they are using heavy machinery to push the sand back in front of the hotel. The bulldozers often work early morning, so most of the beach goers will not be disturbed by the noise and the smell and will just see the tracks in the sand, but for ANIMALS THAT LIVE OR NEST on the beach, this is a DISASTER ! Everything is KILLED by the weight and the power of those machines and those animals help stabilize the sand. But the killing of any life on the beach is only one problem: by constantly moving the sand, they GENERATE MORE EROSION because the sand cannot settle down and is easily washed away. The turtle nesting season is coming, and we can wonder how these protected animals will find a safe place to lay their eggs between the tracks of the bulldozers and the soft sand mixed with chemicals. So, please stop the bulldozing of our beach, this is a cruel and inadequate solution!

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