Save Orrong Park/Union Street tennis centre, Vic Tennis Academy & Cubbyhouse Canteen

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The City of Stonnington plan to close down 3 small businesses (the Victorian Tennis Acadamy, Cubbyhouse canteen and The Organic Food and Wine company) and put 40 people out of a job this Christmas. All to be replaced by a company who has no links with the community. We need to send a message to the City of Stonnington that the community are against this for so many reasons:

1.There has been no community consultation on this process. This goes against their own responsibilities under their Engagement policy and Human Rights Act for acting as a public authority. 

2. This tender has been completed in an unfair and unethical manner, with the 2 court tender never being publicly advertised. The councils own Procurement policy requires them to do this. They originally tendered for a 3 court submission and it was never correctly changed and publicly advertised correctly. Why was the 3rd court removed from tender? 

3. Their own procurement policy also requires them to generate and support businesses in the local community. These 3 businesses have immense community links and history, supporting charities and supporting a wide network of the community. It's not in the best interests of our community to support this change. 

4. There have been questions of Council conduct with all request for information refused, reasons for the panels decision, tender evaluation criteria and feedback not given, emails deleted, phone calls hung up on and lack of response. It's the communities right to understand the impacts this decision has on it. The Council feel that this is a business decision that the community has no right to be involved in. This is wrong as the end results and services will impact the community whether the Council think so or not. 

5. We need to seek that this process is restarted in the correct way, with community input, transparent processes, an independent panel, competitive tenders sought for the correct brief and further information on tenderers provided to the public eg future pricing levels for tennis lessons etc. so that the community is not subject to hefty price increases and access to courts, which would greatly affect the community.