Amend or change the current city code to allow potbelly pigs as pets within city limits.

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On September 3, 2016 an animal control officer was in our neighborhood to catch a dog that had gotten loose from his leash. While in the neighborhood, Penelope, my beloved pet potbelly pig just so happened to be outside and was seen by the officer. He knocked on the door to inform me that I had "about a week" to "get rid of" my pet potbelly pig as current city code sec. 6-2(b) states that,

“It shall be unlawful for any person to keep and maintain swine, hogs, shoats, or pigs within the corporate limits of the city; provided, however, that such prohibition shall not apply in any duly established A-Agriculture zoned district, but rather swine, hogs, shoats, or pigs shall be maintained within said A-Agriculture zoned district in accordance with the city’s zoning ordinance.”

The problem with this code is that first, it is classifying potbelly or miniature pigs as "swine, hogs, shoats, or pigs" rather than as pets which is their original and traditional use dating back to when they were first introduced to the United States in the 1980s. 

Second, this code is very outdated and hasn't been reviewed or changed since the implementation of it when potbelly pigs first became household pets decades ago. Many cities in Oklahoma (including Enid, Moore, Cushing, Lawton, Ponca City and Edmond) and throughout the United States have since revised or changed their laws regarding "swine, hogs, shoats, or pigs" or "livestock" to now allow families to have, in most cases, up to two potbelly or miniature pigs per household in city limits. 

Penelope and I have lived in the same location in Stillwater, Oklahoma for 3.5 years. She has never been a nuisance or problem to anyone and is actually loved and adored by the residents in our neighborhood. She has even attended local elementary school events to educate Stillwater students on pigs as well as other area school's fundraisers as the pig in the "Kiss A Pig" money jar wars. 

She is also a registered pet pig with a national pig organization as well as an ESA. I have had her for over 4 years now, since she was only about 1.5 pounds and was up at all hours of the night bottle-feeding her hoping she would survive. She has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined and I hate to think of having to move or be separated for any length of time from my pet pig.  

By asking the city to amend or change this law, Penelope will be allowed to stay with us in our current home here in Stillwater, Oklahoma and allow other families who reside within city limits to benefit from having a potbelly pig as a pet. 

I have signed countless petitions just like this one over the years NEVER thinking it would happen to me. Now, Penelope and I are the ones who need your help!

Please sign and share! 

Thanks so much,

Jacquelyn & Penelope