Make the Brisons Pay for their Cruelty

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On January 21, 2019, Officer Salmons of the Somerset, Kentucky police department was dispatched on a call regarding a dog that had been yelping for hours. The call was to the home of Ronald and Debbie Brison.

When he was about ¼ mile away, he was able to hear a dog yelping. Upon his arrival, the officer found an elderly dog with it's feet wrapped or tangled in his chain laying in the driveway, just feet from the back door. His mouth was bloody from biting at the chain trying to free himself. The temperature that day ranged from 4 to 21 degrees, with wind speeds up to 14 mph.

Officer Salmons quickly ascertained that the dog was frozen to the ground where he had urinated on himself. He and another officer managed to help the dog free itself from the frozen driveway and had it transported to the shelter, where sadly, it did not survive.

The Brisons were charged with Animal Cruelty, a misdemeanor. At their arraignment the presiding judge decided the act was so heinous she amended it to the felony charge of Animal Torture, and the case was sent to the Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury returned a No True Bill, which means they did not feel there was enough evidence to obtain a conviction and they dismissed the felony charges. The neighbors stated the dog had been crying for hours and the officer witnessed it wrapped in the chains and frozen to the ground, just feet from the Brison's back door. I guess a police officer's sworn statement isn't enough evidence?

We want the county to re-file the charges of animal cruelty against them because they need to be held accountable for the horrendous treatment of this poor old dog. Double jeopardy should not apply since they have never been tried for either charge.

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