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City of Shasta Lake City Council: Restructure the City of Shasta Lake Animal Shelter!!

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Multiple photos were taken Saturday June 29th at 10:30 am.

My mother wrote this letter to the city council of Shasta Lake Ca.. This morning, Sunday at 6/30 10:30AM I went with my daughter to the Shasta Lake City Shelter so she could secure the rescue of 11 cats and kittens total. The one rescue was a mother and 7 kittens. These were received by the shelter Friday as part of a large group of surrendered cats. The kittens were frantic, crying and climbing the bars. You could actually hear them as soon as you walked in the front door. As I was watching them in their cage while my daughter was in the office for paperwork, imagine my horror when I realized that the adult mother cat was actually an unneutered male Tomcat. Tom cats normally kill kittens so to find them still alive was amazing in itself although one kitten clearly had been injured and was suffering from an abscessed forehead and some gashes on its face. These kittens, not quite old enough to be without a nursing mother and certainly not old enough for dry food, were literally starved for 2 days. We opened some soft food which they did immediately go after and managed to eat some but there was one kitten that was much smaller and clearly not of the same litter as his fur was distinctly different from the rest who crawled over the rim of the bowl and face-planted himself in the wet food making sucking motions as if he were trying to nurse the cat food. He was in really bad shape. I removed him immediately and my daughter ended up taking him as a foster. He has a leg which is devoid of fur and looks like its swollen, his is almost skeletal in his appearance and his entire tail and his paws and tail are encrusted with solidified cat litter which I am frankly afraid to start removing by myself because it has the consistency of tar. The only way cat litter is converted to this hard substance is if the kitten had been very wet and then walked through the litter. I don't know if there was a spill in the cage or whether he was turned in in that condition and then completely ignored or not examined at all. These intakes should not be invisible. They are not disposable. I have already scheduled a vets appointment for first thing Monday morning if he makes it through the night. When my daughter asked, she was told your shelter had no Queens milk or bottles available which I would think should be stocked at this time of year with the sea of kittens that arrive. I was frankly appalled at the conditions of these animals. There was one officer and two workers who didn't seem to have any knowledge at all about animal care. I realize the officer is for code enforcement but the workers should at least have minimal training. To mistake a male cat for a nursing mother is unbelievable. The explanation of how this happened is even more unbelievable. When asked how a male tomcat was placed in a small kennel with 7 kittens one of the workers stated that they were put together because the male cat was the same COLOR as the kittens. This is beyond what any prudent person would call an error. This is neglect and abuse. This was my first visit to the Shasta Lake Shelter in 11 years and the only reason I was there was for transportation but to find these tiny beings suffering like this for no other reason but incompetence was more then I was able to stomach. I am damn mad about this. These are feeling, sensitive living beings. They are traumatized enough just ending up in the Shelter but to then be subjected to this kind of neglect is immoral. Who is going to stand up and take responsibility for these companion animals which cannot take care of themselves? From my short observation I could see that this shelter is being run in an inefficient and inhumane manner. Their job is to shelter and care for unwanted animals. There was no care in this case. Are you appalled yet?? Well theres more.. Tonight I (Robin) attended the City of Shasta Lake counsel meeting. I did a presentation with picture (those I have posted) of the neglect I found this past Saturday. When I finished addressing the counsel I stood waiting for them to respond but the only response came from Mayor Larry Farr who looked up and stated “we really have to do something about this time that took 10 minutes”. In other words I was totally disrespected and dismissed. The ONLY council member that was upset about this was Lori-Chapman Sifers. She is an advocate for the animals. City Council is aware and they do not care. City of Shasta Lake Shelter is in direct violation of Haydens law and California ag and food law. They are not even following their own mission statement! Do the followers of Saved by a Share, Save the Nor-Cal Shelter dogs, or Save the Nor-Cal Shelter Kitties accept this kind of attitude from people who are supposed to represent the citizens? I will NOT let this kind of neglect and abuse be swept under the rug!!! Let it Rain! Share with your friends, share with your neighbors! We need to be their voice! Please consider adopting animals from the City of Shasta Lake Shelter. That is the ONLY way to guarantee they are safe!! CALL! EMAIL! FAX!! Larry Farr Mayor 530-275-0801 Pamelyn Morgan Vice Mayor pmorgan@cityof 530-275-1788 Greg Watkins Council Member 530-339-5036 Ron Dixon Council Member 530-275-5548 John Duckett is the shelter managers supervisor!; Direct 530-275-7411

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