Improve the historic Log House Landing in a way that preserves its rustic, secluded and rural character.

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Improve the historic Log House Landing in a way that preserves its rustic, secluded and rural character.

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Friends of Log House Landing started this petition to City of Scandia, MN

The City of Scandia is proposing extensive changes to the Log House Landing and the wooded rural road leading to it. We support improvements to the Landing and hope to work with the City to find better and less costly alternatives that preserve its present natural beauty and native ecology.  



-Retain current access for small motorized boats, canoes and kayaks

-Reduce taxpayer burden ($400,000 total taxpayer cost, which includes 40 percent of Scandia’s current capital improvement fund)

-Preserve the rustic and rural character of the landing, the neighborhood road, and the historic trees now at the landing site

-Identify and effectively address erosion and water-quality issues which contribute to degradation of the river and are counter to the goals of the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway and the National Park Service

-Modify the project scale to meet Scandia’s Comprehensive Plan goals: “to maintain its unique rural character, agricultural heritage, historic charm, and natural resources” and ensure that its “road system retains the ambiance of the countryside”

-Provide resources to assist the City in collecting data. (No information has yet been gathered to support the cost, scale or complexity of this project — i.e., analysis of water-quality, erosion impact, traffic statistics, current and proposed maintenance costs.)

-Work with the City to design a more sustainable and ecologically sensitive plan that meets both the City’s and the community’s desired objectives.



-Cost: $400,000 — appears to be excessive for such a short rural roadway

-Widening road from approximately 16 feet to 34 feet, including curbs and gutters

-Paving road with extensive impervious surface, resulting in the need for elaborate runoff and erosion mitigation systems

-Removing trees and other vegetation whose root systems naturally prevent erosion and filter runoff and whose removal may impair the historic biological character of the area

-Altering the rural atmosphere, native ecology and view from the river

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This petition had 563 supporters