Return the Traffic Lights at Andrew and Albert St w

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Since the City of Sault Ste Marie removed the traffic lights in 2016 on the intersection of Andrew and Albert as well as Gore and Albert - There have been countless accidents and many thousands of dollars in insurance claims.   The people who are at fault are running the stop sign simply because they are not paying attention.  The traffic lights were very effective.  The single stop sign is not.  We own the business on the corner, and I fear for any customer walking into our business.     It's surprising that nobody has been seriously injured or even killed as these accidents are always a T-Bone smash!    Its only a matter of time before that happens.  I want to make sure it doesn't happen!

There was an accident that slingshotted the vehicle into our parking lot and damaged one of our vehicles.     This is the second time that it has happened.   The last vehicle was written off.   We are suffering damages caused by the removal of these lights and we are not at fault.    Hundreds of others have also suffered with vehicle damages and insurance claims and will continue to suffer with increased rates!     The insurance industry has labelled Sault Ste Marie one of the worst places to drive.   I don't think we were on that list 4 years ago!!