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Stop the Capture & Euthanization of feral cats in Santa Ana

Currently in Santa Ana, the police department and animal control services are capturing, testing, and euthanizing feral cats due to false and unproven circumstances about a Typhus Outbreak. A single child was hospitalized last month due to Typhus that is being reported as a result from infected fleas from feral cats in Santa Ana. There is no proof that the cats are infected or have anything to do with this Typhus report and they are going to end up paying with their lives.
The cats will be euthanized and the City of Santa Ana is using Health scare tactics as an excuse to get rid of the feral cat populations that reside in Santa Ana. There is NO PROOF that the child became infected in Santa Ana or by a flea that came from a cat let alone a cat that resides in Santa Ana. The child may have been affected outside of the Santa Ana area.
The ABC 7 news website written by Subha Ravindhran is stating that Orange County Officials “believe the fleas caused a person living in the area to contract typhus,” and “authorities believe the cats are hosts of the fleas that are infected with Typhus.” The article goes on further stating, “once caught, the cats will be sedated and then euthanized.”
Cpl. Sondra Berg, Santa Ana Police Animal Services supervisor made the following statement, "We do visibly have a population of feral cats that live up here. They have been sighted, and the schools have complained regarding the cats coming on to the property, so that's our biggest concern right now, is protecting the school children."
The key words in this article are BELIEVE, CATS EUTHANIZED, CATS ON PROPERTY, AND PROTECTING CHILDREN. The City of Santa Ana is falsely justifying the killings of feral cat colonies based on non-existent evidence.
1. There has only been one single reported case of Typhus in the City of Santa Ana
2. The location of the infection is UNKNOWN but BELIEVED to be in Santa Ana
3. Authorities will euthanize the feral cats
4. Authorities have clearly stated that there is a feral cat population problem
5. Authorities are using health scare tactics by using the quote "our biggest concern right now, is protecting the school children"
We need signatures to get this to STOP NOW!

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