Save our Parklet and the jobs it provides

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In July, 2020, Harry's Bar invested approximately $30,000 to build an outdoor dining area (Parklet) as part of the City's Shared Spaces Program. With all the appropriate permissions and documentation, our Parklet allowed us to hire a staff of  16 Cooks, Servers, Bussers and Bartenders. Due to the pandemic, the neighboring business (James Perse) was forced to close. Since our Parklet extends into the parking spot in front of this business, James Perse had given us permission to build our Parklet. Since this business is now vacant, the owner of the neighboring building (Sue Corey of Chico, CA) has demanded that our Parklet be removed. Without this Parklet, Harry's Bar will be forced to close. This closure would impact 16 people that rely on us for their livelihood. As a popular destination on Fillmore St., this closure could also impact the area's ability to bounce back in these unprecedented times.

This petition will be presented to the City of San Francisco in hopes that they will allow us to keep the parklet in place. This would ensure that Harry's Bar will continue to bring business to Fillmore St. and provide needed jobs to our staff of 16.