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Approve 900 proposed carsharing parking spots in San Francisco

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San Francisco is experiencing a parking crisis and the cost of living here is rising every day. But a new proposal to create dedicated parking spaces for app-enabled shared cars (like mine) could be the solution. It could also potentially set a world-changing precedent for other cities exploring how sharing can make city life richer and more sustainable.

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority has identified 900 parking spaces in the city that it wants to reserve for shared cars beginning this summer. Experts say that these dedicated parking spaces can take 10,000 cars off the road by increasing access for people who want to be able to use a car occasionally without having to own one themselves. They'd reduce congestion and pollution, too.

But the new parking spots aren't a sure thing! They need to be approved in a hearing on May 16. I started this petition so city officials will know the plan has widespread support and will approve it without delay. Please sign it now and I'll deliver your signature to city officials before the vote.

I've hosted couchsurfers and stay at Airbnbs when I travel, so it made sense to me to try sharing my car when it would otherwise sit idle and cost me money. Now, I make $600 a month by listing my car on a carsharing app called Getaround. So not only would this new proposal improve the parking situation in San Francisco, it would help more people earn money from their cars like I do -- in every neighborhood in the city.

Carsharing has been a great thing for me, and this new parking proposal is about making a good thing even better. Please sign my petition now to make sure that city officials know the public stands behind the carsharing parking proposal. With your support, the reserved spaces can be approved quickly and other cities can follow San Francisco's lead!

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