Cancel Fiesta San Antonio 2020

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In order to keep San Antonio residents safe and healthy, we urge the city of San Antonio to cancel Fiesta San Antonio 2020 due to the coronavirus. Thousands upon thousands of people travel from all over the country, and internationally to attend Fiesta San Antonio every year. With local spread occurring in other parts of the country, and as close as Houston will 11 cases, it is just a matter of time before San Antonio becames affected. 

San Antonio officials who have the power to cancel Fiesta, please be responsible in order to keep us safe. Dont allow greed to cloud your judgment or thoughts in a time like this. We understand millions of dollars will be lost, just like the city of Austin has lost when they cancelled SouthBySouthwest, but they are being responsible and trying to protect their beloved city from community spread of the Coronavirus. 

The infected number is growing and doubling daily as Coronavirus continues to infect hundreds of people throughout America. We can try and stop it from reaching our doorsteps.

San Antonio must be proactive and cancel Fiesta San Antonio now. If Fiesta is allowed to go on, it will a disaster, due to thousands gathering in close proximity to one another, and Fiesta will became a petri dish where hundreds can potentially become infected. Please cancel now!!