Save the Maverick Patio: Ask Rosario's to Change their Building Plans

Save the Maverick Patio: Ask Rosario's to Change their Building Plans

March 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Maverick Texas

We need your help to save the Maverick patio and safeguard the integrity of San Antonio's historic Southtown neighborhoods of King William and La Vaca. Sign the petition in support of Maverick's team asking the new Rosario's project to compromise in their construction plans.

Our goal is to work with the King William & La Vaca Historic Neighborhood Associations and the Historic Design Review Commission to build a neighborhood with integrity and respect for all who live and do business here. 

Please show your support and request a new design that doesn't block the Maverick patio or overwhelm the parking demand. Let's work together to be good neighbors and create a new Rosario's plan that works for all of us. 


The Problem: 

Proposed designs for the new Rosario's restaurant in Southtown plan for a massively overscaled structure with over 1,000 seats that will negatively affect surrounding businesses and residents. This structure includes a 20-foot wall that will block the Maverick patio and make 50% of the restaurant's seating unusable. 


The Proposed Plans Will: 

- Include a 20-foot wall 6 inches away from the Maverick patio space, which would block all airflow & natural light and make it unusable. These plans affect over 50% of Maverick's seating, which could push the restaurant out of business. 

- Build 20,000 square feet of dining space, a massively sized building out of scale with the neighborhood.

- Only allow 30 parking spaces for a restaurant that can hold 1,000 people, when normally a restaurant of this scale would have 200 parking spaces. This will create a parking crisis for residents and neighboring businesses.


The Solution: 

- Sign our petition to show your support to save the Maverick patio and safeguard the historic Southtown neighborhood. The plans for the new Rosario's are too ambitious in size for the location and will negatively affect the surrounding businesses, parking, and charm of the area. 

Show that you would like to see a compromise and edits to these building plans! Let's advocate for a Southtown that works for all of us! 


It's never too late to do the right thing. 


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Signatures: 2,808Next Goal: 5,000
Support now