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Please support this petition, urging the MA, City of Salem Board of Health to deny Kevin and Kristin Cordy's allegation of "private nuisance" and stop the 2 year campaign of harassment against their neighbor for legally owning and raising her pet chickens in full compliance with the local ordinances.

Background: For the past 2 years Kevin and Kristin Cordy have monopolized thousands of hours from the City Departments, complaining to every city department including zoning, police and now the Board of Health again, in an attempt to force their neighbor to get rid of her pet chickens. The City of Salem has been forced to entertain all these complaints and expend countless tax dollars and city manpower to investigate. Their nuisance complaint is the latest tactic to harass and try to intimidate their neighbor. The basis of their complaint is an “undisclosed” allergy or health situation that Kevin Cordy claims to have. In the 2 years that this has been going on he has failed to produce any documentation, any diagnosis nor shown exactly how living next door to pet chickens kept in compliance with the ordinances has impacted his health issue.

Because of this ongoing adversity created by the Cordy’s, the City of Salem has created an ordinance allowing backyard chickens. The neighbor’s coop and chickens are in full compliance with this ordinance. The animal control officer has inspected the coop and reported that there are no issues. The Board of Health has stated that the neighbor is well within her legal rights to have chickens.

Objective: To stop the abusive use of government agencies by a private citizen with a personal harassment agenda against a neighbor, thus stopping government waste of resources when the law is clear.

If this case of private nuisance is supported, we all lose our ability to exercise our constitutional right to use our own private property as we wish, within the law. If I am allergic to cats, can I tell my neighbor they cannot have cats? If a dog causes me severe panic attacks, can I tell my neighbor they can't have a dog. If I am allergic to peanuts, can I tell me neighbor they cannot enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on their back porch? How far should a private individual be able to manipulate the government to harass others, or encroach on our civil liberties on our own private property, when we are abiding by all laws and city ordinances?

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