#KeepKamras: Renew Kamras' Contract for 4 More Years!

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Keep Kamras in Richmond is an effort to ask Richmond Public School Board members to extend Superintendent Jason Kamras' contract for 4 more years. Our students and families deserve a four year commitment for consistency, accountability and to maximize long term results in our schools.

Superintendent Kamras has spent the last three years focusing on equity at RPS. He has taken responsibility for many challenges that he inherited and has worked tirelessly to lead a community to build a plan forward together.  Any serious advocate for public education knows that success does not happen overnight, and Kamras has demonstrated his commitment to the marathon, not the sprint. 

Superintendent Kamras has built strong relationships that benefit our students, teachers & RPS families.  He worked with School Board and City Council Members to fully fund the three year strategic plan, DREAMS4RPS. He stood in partnership with Mayor Stoney to pass a meals tax and build 3 new school buildings. Jason Kamras has hired new principals and assistant principals throughout our school system; prioritizing the recruiting and retention of talented teachers and staff for our children. Under his leadership, more RPS students have the opportunity to take AP courses, directly resulting in a 42% increase in qualifying scores across the district. And as many of you see in your inbox daily, our Superintendent has created a clear and concise communication plan to build trust and transparency with RPS employees, students and families as we deal with the stress, anxiety and tragedy of the impact of COVID-19 on our City. 

Sign the petition to #KeepKamras in Richmond to allow him the time to do the job we hired him to do not even three short years ago.  Our kids do not need more transition and turnover, thinking the next person will be a silver bullet, only to have to build trust, communal vision, and relationship all over again.