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Open the Independence Avenue entrance to the Quincy Adams MBTA station

Residents of the Independence Avenue neighborhood in South Quincy experience all of the negative aspects of living close to a metro station without enjoying any of the benefits. We propose that the City of Quincy open the Independence Avenue entrance to the Quincy Adams MBTA station and extend the existing MBTA residential permit parking zone to include the area surrounding Independence Avenue in order to prevent commuters who do not live in the area from parking on our streets and walking to the T.


Pedestrian access to the Quincy Adams MBTA station would:

A. Allow residents living near the Independence Avenue entrance to commute into Boston without having to drive and park in the Quincy Adams garage (saving each commuter $7/day or approximately $1750 annually) or take the 230 MBTA bus to Quincy Center (saving each commuter lots of time and energy). This is now important to all Quincy commuters because the closing of the Quincy Center garage has burdened the Quincy Adams garage with more commuters than it can accommodate.

B. Increase property values of houses near the Independence Avenue entrance. This could be great for the neighborhood and its residents.

C. Provide an environmentally friendly way for people in the neighborhood to travel to and from Boston and within Quincy and the surrounding communities. Penns Hill residents could take the T into Quincy Center to enjoy the revitalized Quincy Center area, or to go to restaurants/shops near the Wollaston and North Quincy MBTA stops.

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