Justice for Ian Kramer

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On August 7th, 2019, Ian Kramer was arrested on various felony charges based on an Antifa complaint related to a May Day skirmish at Cider Riot in Portland. To this date:

  • Ian has not had access to a public defender
  • Ian is still incarcerated
  • We have not seen any evidence of Antifa’s complaint, regarding Heather Clark’s sustained injuries. No medical reports or any other evidence. 

We believe these charges have been trumped up by Antifa allies, in concert with Portland PD. They are being used to unjustly incarcerate Ian. Furthermore, Antifa are blocking any attempts to crowdfund a legal defense or financial support for these trying times. This amounts to a massive human rights violation by the city of Portland: destroying Ian’s life over his politics. This is what we want for Ian:

  • Access to an attorney
  • Evidence of crimes accused
  • Undisturbed access to crowdfunding a legal defense and financial support
  • A speedy public trial

The strike that is the source of the Antifa complaint is at 8:49 in this video. https://youtu.be/OFxPTJxA5pg

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISING SITE. MONEY DONATED HERE WILL NOT GO TO IAN OR ANYBODY ASSOCIATED WITH HIM. Donations here go to spreading the petition. It’s paying for change.org to advertise the petition.