Take away the facilities employees/vets licenses

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This is poor woman’s cat got mutilated by ACCT WITHOUT the proper machinery to take an xray and WITHOUT consent. Please sign to have all employees that handled the matter hand in their licenses for malpractice! This is absolutely disgusting. 


“So, somehow my cat got out on Saturday night, my cats are inside cats, they don't go out. When I realized she was missing I put a pic of her on ACCT lost and found animals. And there was also a post put up on eyes and ears of Port Richmond. Well someone found her and took her to ACCT. Anyone that knows me knows my cats and what they look like..... my cat, since she was born had a limp, she was seen by vets throughout the years and she was a perfectly normal functioning cat. Just a little different. After we found out that she was taken to ACCT we went there right away to get her back. After the process and bullshit they put me through, they finally let me the back to see if she was mine. Well, I found her, WITH NO FUCKING LEG. They cut her fucking leg completely off. Of course I lost it seeing her that way. I flipped out, almost passed out and was completely distraught. I asked why the fuck they did that to her, the response was because we thought it was broken, well wouldn't you do an xray first to find out, their response, well we don't have xray machine.....ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???????? So you just chop cats legs off when you have no idea if something is wrong.......She is home with us now, but in so much agony, but trying to adjust to having 3 legs. Shes 16 years old and now has to adjust to this new life. I'm heartbroken to say the least. This is the botch job they did for no reason.”