Removal of Tent City in Victoria park


Removal of Tent City in Victoria park

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Diane therrien (Mayor)

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Started by M. Fixinshit

Eviction Notices have been served , we have gained Ground ! Keep it going 

Remember,   Shelter is not the main issue .

We need Everyone To Contact the Mayor, City Council,  and Maryam Monsef.

We need to push for more services in Peterborough to help reduce this issue in the future 

* More addiction Services that is more accessible.

* More Mental Health Services that is more accessible. 

* More basic Employment skills and Training services that have greater access to help get our community working again . 

These services will not just benefit the Homeless. A lot of families in Peterborough have members who struggle with addictions. 

A lot of families losing jobs with less access options to retrain or gain skills for a new sector .

In society today mental health is becoming a broader issue and more common in everyday life. A high percentage of families in Peterborough have experienced or have members who struggle with mental health . 


Call , email , visit :  Diane,  City Council and Maryam and Let them Know .This is what we need Real Solutions that Benefit Everybody in the community in many ways. 





* Before the public assumes this petition to be something it is not. PLEASE READ THE UPDATES BELOW THE PETITION TO SEE WHY CHANGE IS WHAT WE SEEK * 



"Duty of care:    The responsibility or legal obligation of a person or organization to avoid acts or omissions that could likely cause harm to others.. 

If Tent city is Not removed. We will force it to be removed our safety is at risk. 

Tent city has already produced documented harm to others as the city has failed to remove it. " 



Since the tents went up in Victoria park , the vicinity in Peterborough has been plagued by: break and enters, public drug use, profanity, indecent acts, continuous public disturbances, violence and stabbings,   

St John's retirement home and other neighbouring residents are being harrassed where they do not feel comfortable in their homes.

The city council , county of peterborough  and city police HAVE neglected to properly assess the situation by adding bandaid solutions.

More beds have been opened and they still refuse to go . 

The beginning of a public health and safety issue is on the rise.

We are calling for the City & County to remove ALL tents & campers from Tent City, immediately to end this mockery .


Taxpayers of Peterborough.


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This petition made change with 1,746 supporters!

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