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Improve Conditions at the Shelter for the Welfare of the Animals in City Custody

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Recent local news media coverage has shed light on the substandard conditions at the City of Odessa Shelter.  As concerned citizens, taxpayers and animals advocates, we are demanding that the City implement changes that will directly improve the conditions and welfare of the animals while in the custody of the Shelter.  Many of these are standard codes and regulations which the shelter should have been in compliance with per Sec. 823.003 of the Health and Safety Code, STANDARDS FOR ANIMAL SHELTERS. 

These include, but are not limited to; basic sanitation procedures to ensure the animals inside the shelter are not exposed to illnesses and will be adopted out to the public in good condition. It requires proper record keeping as outlined in above Code and implementation of a regulated governing body known as the Advisory Committee, which the City of Odessa has admittedly not been in compliance with since 2006. 

Action items which we are asking to be implemented immediately are outlined below:

1.  Implementation of an on-staff experienced Rescue Coordinator to be approved and appointed by the Advisory Committee.  The Coordinator’s duties would include such things as building relationships and working with local rescue groups and groups from around the country to place animals from the shelter.  Coordinator would consult with the Advisory Committee to amend the current Rescue Agreement and simplify the process to approve groups with approved 501c documentation so that they can pull animals from the shelter at no charge.  They would coordinate adoption events, extend shelter hours to include Saturdays, implement a volunteer program at the shelter, and maintain a City of Odessa Website where pictures of available animals for adoption and also animals on stray hold can be posted for owners to easily and quickly identify and claim.  This will help reduce the current euthanasia rate of 83.4% at the City of Odessa Shelter significantly.

2.  City shall hire a licensed Veterinarian who can be available to assess animals as needed, provide basic vetting care as deemed feasible by standards set by Advisory Committee and perform the euthanasia procedures in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code Rule 169.84; Allowable Methods of Euthanasia. Ensuring that all animals are sedated properly and using a vein to inject the medicines as quickly as possible to limit any stress or harm to animals ensuring that the process is done as humanely as possible.

3.  Hiring of Staff Director who has a background in Animal Welfare and is properly trained and concerned with proper shelter procedures.  We request a compassionate Director who is willing to work with animal rescue groups and concerned citizens for the betterment of the animals of the City of Odessa. 

4.  Implementation of a low cost spay/neuter and vaccination program for the animals adopted from the Shelter prior to them being adopted as part of the adoption fee.  This will not only promote more adoptions and revenue into the shelter, but also help to reduce unwanted animal population in Odessa.

5.  Ensure that all animals inside the shelter are scanned for microchips using the scanners provided to the city by local rescue groups free of charge.  Many family pets are being overlooked and possibly euthanized needlessly by not being scanned for microchips.

Please help the animals of Odessa by signing this petition and continuing to follow up with the Advisory Committee and your local City Council Representative.  Collectively our voices can be heard!

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