Repeal Newark's MX-3 Zoning Amendment

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We the undersigned object to the zoning change passed by the City Council in September 2017, which created an MX-3 zone in the Ironbound, allowing developers in specific locations to build up to 12 stories high. 

This action does the following:

  1. Undermines Newark's Master Plan which was created through a thorough public process and seeks to protect some of the culturally diverse, low-scale, character which makes the Ironbound a unique and desirable place to live.
  2. Establishes new zoning rules without adequate time and information for the community to consider the implications.
  3. Utilizes a poor process that has deliberately ignored the views of local residents.
  4. Will result in increased rents and property taxes in the area.
  5. Will make existing flooding, traffic and parking problems worse.

Because of these (and other) negative impacts on quality of life,
we support the legal case being brought in this matter by PLANewark.