Save Mooshka's life

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Hello! An unfortunate event happened with Mooshka.
There is a chance to save her but everyone’s support is needed!

As Mooshka and her owner were walking  in the alley, a small dog, unleashed, ran to them while barking. Everything happened so fast, Mooshka got scared and snapped in defense . She only picked up the dog in her mouth once. Sadly, the dog was so small that  the bite was fatal. The town refuses to evaluate her and is forcing the owner to euthanize Mooshka.

Most dogs would’ve reacted like she did. Very sad accident. The size mismatch was a major contributor. The other dog was not under control of her owner and acting agressively.

Mooshka was evaluated by indipendent behaviourist and was not deemed agressive. The vet statement concurs.  

Mooshka deserves a second chance and the owner is more than willing to work on her anxiety. 

Please help saving Mooshka and to prevent another unnecessary death. She deserves fair evaluation and trial period!