Keep Mission Tiki Drive in Montclair

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You wake up on a Sunday morning , you hear your mom scream throughout your house ,“ Vamos al Swap meet.” You put your shoes on and run to the car. You get there to see a pool of cars , vendors and locals. You go through all the tents and buy all the goodies you can think of. You look at your mom and dad and you are in pure bliss being a kid going to the swap meet with your family. That’s the American dream . Now you’re grown up you and your friends are bored on a Friday night . You hop into your truck with your blankets and drive to the 7/11 for snacks and embark to watch Toy Story 4 at the drive in . You’re happy life is good. Flash forward to October 29, 2019 . You find out the place you grew up with has been sold and it’s going to turn into some business park. Your heart is broken. You see that instagram post and you flashback to those childhood days and you feel a sense of nostalgia. You think to yourself , “How could they take away something so special and unique to the city of Montclair.” Ive lived here all my life and i never thought something like this would rip my heart out. That Mission Tiki/ swap meet  not only brought goods to  households within the Inland Empire but brought food to the tables of those who worked there as well. Don’t do this to us . Please keep the Mission Tiki.