Miramichi Dog Park

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We as dog parents of Miramichi have longed for a dog park in our community for many years now. It would be a safe and positive sanctuary for our dogs to socialize, exercise, and learn proper manners. Socialization in dogs is a key aspect to helping with anxiety, aggression, and their overall happiness.

Not only would a dog park in Miramichi be beneficial for our beloved fur babies, it would also be a positive for us humans. We could socialize, connect with nature, and come together as a community. For newcomers to the area, it could be a chance to meet new friends. Dogs have been proven to be therapeutic to individuals with mental health issues, and studies show our canine friends alleviate stress and anxiety. A dog park could further aid in helping in this area.

Every signature counts - let’s lock arms and show that there IS a demand for a dog park in our area. Let’s come together as a community and make our dog park dream a reality!