Ban Distribution of Plastic Shopping Bags in Miramichi

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 With Climate Change rapidly advancing all across the world, we as people need to start thinking of effective solutions to this crisis. We are four students at James M. Hill, and this is exactly what we are trying to do.

Single-use plastic bags are one of the leading causes of plastic pollution in the world, and a serious hazard to our planet. Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used every single year around the world and around 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the planet’s oceans annually. This is rapidly destroying and polluting the oceans, and killing the marine life who live in them. We want to make a difference, and do everything we can to cut back on this plastic waste. 

In Miramichi alone, we estimate that about 5-10 million plastic bags are used every single year, compared to our small population of 17,537 (2016 Consensus). That’s 52 tons of just plastic bags, with the majority contributing to landfills or plastic waste in the ocean. But it’s not just the waste, it’s also the production. Plastic bags contribute 40% of plastic production, which uses 6% of the world’s oil production. They also take thousands of years to degrade, and release toxins into our air, ocean, and soil and often end up being consumed by animals, which will usually kill them.

The Liberal’s goal for 2021 is to ban single-use plastics. If we can get a start, we can prepare more people for it and advocate for a true change in the system. We feel that the banning of single-use plastic bags will also lay the groundwork for the success of other bans and the eventual goal of a plastic waste free future.