The Law Matters: Don't Let Our Zoning Code be Re-Written for 5th and Alton Hi-Rise!

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Developer Russell Galbut is attempting to re-write the way that Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is calculated in order to add approximately 21k additional square feet of luxury housing for an already-approved 519-foot tall hi-rise.

The City of Miami Beach Commission should pursue an appeal of the Board of Adjustment's ruling - one that went against the Planning Director's determination and 40 years of development within the City of Miami Beach.

This hi-rise already has residents concerned. The original zoning was just 75 feet.. the Commission dramatically increased height limits to 519 feet... AND allowed FAR to be transferred across a city street.

Many believe these actions should have gone to the Miami Beach Voters already. But, voters don't have a say - in spite of this mega-development being located at a major entry and exit point to our city.

The hi-rise was already approved, but now the developer is pursuing EVEN MORE floor area ratio than is allowed under our zoning code.

This madness needs to stop. City Hall needs to represent the rule of law and we must not capitulate to this attack on our zoning code.

City Commissioners: Ensure that Miami Beach's laws are upheld, and that the Board of Adjustment decision is appealed to the courts. Don't settle for anything less than defending our established zoning code.

Once and for all, it's time for us to follow the rule of law. No matter how powerful or well-connected anyone is. The playing field must be even. Nobody is above the law.