Save Melbourne horse drawn carriages

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Please help save the iconic Melbourne Horse drawn Carriages.

Last week Lord Mayor Robert Doyle announced to the public that the City of Melbourne will not be renewing our Permit after June 30th 2017. He told the public that we will still have parking available in the gardens.

Robert Doyle failed to mention to the public what this actually means. We will no longer be allowed to Street trade. If someone walks up to us wanting a ride we will have to decline or we will receive an infringement. We will only be allowed to do Pre booked work. We will loose 70% of our business. 70% of our business are tourists, families and romantic couples who walk past and ask for a ride. The other 30% of our business are already under the impression we are no longer operating and our phones have stopped ringing. We have had bookings ring up to see if they will still be able to have their ride. The administration has just sent us an email stating we will receive an infringement if we street trade. 

This will destroy us. We will not be able to afford to feed our families, pay our bills or feed and care for our horses. Robert Doyle didn't even notify us. The first we heard of it was on 3AW radio. 

We have been operating in Melbourne for over 30 years. We are proud of our safety record as safety is our paramount goal and we have processes in place to ensure our safety including checks on our horses, carriages and equipment. These safety checks are preformed multiple times per day. 

Statistically we have the best safety record on the road, better than cars, trucks, buses, motor bikes, bikes, skateboards, trams and trains. Robert Doyle wants to ban us from the city because they accuse us for being unsafe. We have had a handful of minor incidents over the last 30 years but we have never had a person or horse seriously injured or die. Our drivers are experienced in the city environment and are accustomed to the traffic. What might seem scary to you isn't to us or our horses. There is risk in every aspect of life. A horse could shy at a tree branch on a trail ride and fall and injure its self, you could be hit by a car walking to the letter box. We can't all live in fear and thankfully we have a nearly perfect record. 

Our horses and our customers are our number 1 priority. It's a partnership between us and without our horses we would not be able to operate. We view the relationship with our horses as a very special one. Our horses work on average 6 days a month and have 24 days off a month (work alternate weekends) when they are not working they spend there time on pasture grazing in Gippsland. We have many horses which we rotate to ensure they have a great work/life balance. We have a small yard close to the city, this is a small place for them to sleep over night with stalls that are not concrete. They have enough room to roll and lay down if they wish, they have unlimited access to good quality hay, fresh water and are fed high grain 3 times a day. We have this yard to save us transporting them in and out of the city each day in trucks. They stay there 4 nights a month. It's a safe place for us to wash them, feed them and to harness up. 

Animal rights extremists have been targeting us and harassing the council spreading false and misleading information. They try to make you believe we work 24 hours 7 days a week and that our horses never see grass and so on. They twist the truth to make us look terrible. They are against all animal ownership. They are against all horse riding including trail riding, show jumping, endurance, pleasure harness, dairy farms, cattle dogs, seeing eye dogs, police horses to name a few. 


A few few things you may not know about us-

we have a tap on Swanston street where we park. We take buckets with us and we have access to fresh water when ever we need it and give our horses plenty of water. We monitor our horses very closely. We also have about 8 horse troughs allocated around the city for them to drink from when we are on rides.

We use Percheron horses. They are working horses bred specifically for this job. They are strong and they only lift their legs up 4 inches off the ground to minimise impact on the road. Majority of the day we are walking and never have any issues with our horses legs. Last year The City of Melbourne organised vet checks on our horses with one of the best Equine vets in Melbourne that the City of Melbourne chose. The vet said all of our horses are in fantastic condition, healthy and are fit for work. Animal activist groups tried to find a Vet in Victoria to discredit us but they couldn't find anyone. Our horses respiratory systems are all in great health and they are over all in tip top condition. 

Please sign this petition to Lord Mayor And City of Melbourne and show support the Melbourne Carriage horses. The animal rights extremists have now started petitioning the State government and Vic Roads to ban all horse drawn vehicles off all Victorian roads. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us we are happy to answer anything. There are some photos and more info on our Facebook page Unique Carriage Hire