Remove Chief Jared Clausen from a position of power

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It’s time for the City of Mapleton to remove the Chief of Police Jared Clausen from a position of power. He uses his badge as a means of harassment, stalking, intimidation and bullying the citizens of the town along with the citizens of surrounding towns. He has been accused of excessive force. He follows young girls around pulling them over for no reason. He has been know to sit outside of young girls homes watching who is coming and going. He is extremely rude and unprofessional causing the City of Mapleton to look bad in the eyes of the citizens and surrounding communities. There are many people that have moved out of Mapleton due to the Chiefs actions. The Chief is nothing but a bully with a badge. It’s time to remove him from his position. 

Video of the Chief pulling an AR-15 on a 10 year old and a 9 year old. 

other law law enforcement officer that has seen the Chief not behaving correctly agreeing with the removal of the Chief from office.