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Speed control on 102 ave Maple ridge

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Every day drivers exceed the speed limit on 102ave in maple ridge. The same problem applies in the school zone on 240th. There have been speed traps in the school zone but not on 102ave. Between 240th and 243rd on 102 there are no cross walks and no sidewalk on one side of the street so people have to jay walk to get to a sidewalk. People do this are risking being hit by one of these drivers.

Every day myself and neighbors alike witness excessive speeding up and down this road. This is a road where many young families live and some elderly. Children are unpredictable and drivers need to be driving at a safe speed by which they have enough time to stop should there be reason to.

There needs to be some kind of enforcement here. Speed traps, speed bumps, or even a pedestrian controlled light near the store. 

We also need a sidewalk on the other side of the street so we can get to a crossing safely.

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