The City of Manila to pursue legal action against Panday Sining and others

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Panday Sining vandalized some parts in the City of Manila. They have since justified this actions as a form of protest "art" to the dismay of so many Filipinos.

Before this event, Panday Sining together with their other affiliated groups such as Anakbayan, LFS, Kabataan Partylist and many other legal fronts of the CPP NPA NDF has defied the laws of the land with these forms of vandalism. It was only this event that got the most attention considering that the underpass that they vandalized was recently rehabilitated by the newly installed Mayor after decades of neglect.

With this petition, we intend to request the City of Manila to pursue legal action against the groups who did this and show them that they are supported by a large number of Filipinos who has grown tired and fed up with their "activism" and reclaim the dignity of our laws that they have trampled upon.