Reopen Manhattan Beach's public spaces

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Public beaches, the Strand, parks, bike paths, and walking paths in Manhattan Beach have been closed due to the Coronavirus epidemic. This is dangerously funneling residents onto the city streets for exercise and fresh air when there is more than enough room to safely accommodate locals in our public spaces. If these closures continue, overcrowding will force the government to limit street access as has been seen in other US cities. 

Richard Montgomery, the current mayor of Manhattan Beach, needs to work with the Manhattan Beach city council and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti to solve this issue and reopen our public spaces immediately.

Parking lots, such as in El Porto and at the Pier, have already been closed to prevent overcrowding of the beaches. Despite the success of this strategy, Los Angeles County recently closed beaches and bike paths in Manhattan Beach to residents and non-residents alike. City police are patrolling the sands and threatening to arrest surfers and beachgoers even though they are practicing social distancing.

The government is further endangering citizens by forcing us closer together in limited street space. This can only lead to an increase in unnecessary restrictions. We should be working as a community to maximize our safe use of these spaces to relieve stress and stay healthy.