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Petitioning Mayor of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and 3 others

City of Los Angeles / Department of Parks and Recreation: Re-Open Angels Knoll

Angel's Knoll is a beautiful and beloved park in the heart of urban Downtown Los Angeles. It is ranked as the #1 favorite downtown retreat on's Parks and Green Spaces page (, is ranked an 8.9/10 on with 233 votes, 1,767 visitors and 2,774 check ins, and has 4 out of 5 stars on with over 139 reviews.

Most out of town visitors know it as the park from the movie 500 Days of Summer, and go there to re-enact a romantic scene from the movie. I know it as a beautiful park with a very different feel from nearby Pershing Square. It is more serene, natural, and has beautiful mature trees and landscaping.

With the disbanding of the CRA that owned the park, it is reportedly up for sale ( To sell it to a developer who might build over the park would be a loss for the downtown community. The City of LA should consider buying and incorporating the park as part of the Department of Parks and Recreation, or else should be involved in overseeing its sale and restricting its redevelopment to make sure that it remains a public park. 

Regardless of the solution, it is imperative that something be done quickly as the landscaping in the park is already beginning to deteriorate after a few weeks without care. Further delay could lead to costly deferred maintenance and the loss of mature trees and landscaping currently in place.

Let's re-open this park!

Letter to
Mayor of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti
First District Supervisor Gloria Molina
Department of Parks and Recreation, President/Commissioner Barry Sanders
and 1 other
District 1 Supervisor Gloria Molina
Please work with stakeholders in the downtown community, the appropriate departments in the City (ie. the Department of Parks and Recreation), and other interested parties to re-open Angel's Knoll as soon as possible and make sure that it remains a park space open to the public.