Do not change the firework By-laws in London Ontario

Do not change the firework By-laws in London Ontario

July 10, 2021
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City of London, Ontario (City of London, Ontario) and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by David Lesser

People are calling on the city of london to ban all sales of fireworks. This would stop citizens from purchasing, lighting off fireworks and generally celebrating 2 major holidays here in Canada. 

Traditions, celebrations, and pure enjoyment should be a priority for this city. By restricting fireworks ( which are highly restricted already ) the city of london is taking that freedom away from YOU!

Most people who purchase fireworks are doing this in a responsible manor. We have By laws in affect already.  These by laws restrict the lighting of fireworks to Victoria day Monday, July 1 Canada Day, plus an additional Saturday around Canada day - only 3 days out of 365. These by laws also cover where, when, and how you may use them.

I'm calling on the city of london to realize taking this away from the people who live here, will drive up the illegal use of fireworks! Many communities are within a half hour drive of the city of london, and will not stop devoted Canadians from celebrating the things we deserve to celebrate!

Fireworks have been a staple in many countries, celebrations, festivals, shows, etc. Responsible and regulated use of consumer grade fireworks should not be changed to cater to the few people who do not enjoy celebrating the things most Canadians enjoy!

This is for our communities, our citizens, and for some folks its their livelihood!

I ask anyone who is against the banning of consumer grade fireworks to kindly sign this petition and show the city of london that we want to keep our freedom! Do it for our country, our friends and our veterans that served to make this country what it is! Do it for the children and for future generations to come!

Thank you for your time!

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Signatures: 1,899Next Goal: 2,500
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