Reinstate Joe Aull as City Administrator of Lexington, MO

Reinstate Joe Aull as City Administrator of Lexington, MO

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Tyler smith started this petition to Mayor of Lexington, MO

In a post written on the board on Facebook by Jay Jiovenale, he states everything outlining our town's recent issue in pretty clear detail:

"LEXINGTON FRIENDS, this post is directed to you. My other friends can scroll on past.

While I am no longer a resident of my hometown, I have many friends and loved ones there, and I believe all of you deserve answers.
Joe Aull , the city administrator of Lexington was fired last week. Why? Well, that's a great question. One that all of you deserve the answer to, and most importantly, Joe deserves an answer to. But you also deserve to know the disgraceful way that this man has been treated during this whole ordeal.
But first, let me fill you in on why I've got a dog in this fight.
Joe Aull has been my father in law for 20 years. He's been my children's "Papa" for 21 years. I've known the man for over 3 decades. He is someone I care a great deal for, and I do not take kindly to those I love being treated badly.
So, Joe was terminated last week by the Mayor and City Council of Lexington. He asked for an explanation, a reason, and was given none. Then he was told he had til noon to "clear out". Pretty poor treatment no doubt. But wait, it gets worse.
Joe wrote an appeal to his termination, which he understandably has every right to do.
The appeal was denied. But get a load of this...
The Mayor had the appeal denial delivered to Joe's home by a Lexington Police officer! Along with a message that if he wished to retrieve the rest of his belongings from his office, he would need to have a police officer present!
REREAD those last 2 sentences please, and let that sink in.
Joe wrote a second appeal, which as of this time has not been responded to, and had to go finish clearing our his office with a police officer watching, and had everything inspected by the officer before he could leave.

Now, if I were a resident of Lexingon, here are a few question's I would DEFINITELY like answers to:
1. Why was Joe Aull terminated in such a disrespectful way?
This man has served Lexington and it's citizens with professionalism and respect for DECADES!!
He has been the high school principal. He has been the Lexington school superintendent. He has been a Missouri State Representative for Lexington's district. He has been the Vice President of Academics / high school principal of Wentworth. And he has been the City Administrator of Lexington. Yet he was fired and told to clear out with ZERO explanation?

2. Why are the Police being used as the Mayor's correspondence deliverers? Really? You have to send a cop to a man's house to deliver an appeal denial? REALLY? With a "message" that he has to have police present to finish clearing out his office! Really? HE'S A 70 YEAR OLD MAN WITHOUT A VIOLENT BONE IN HIS BODY! And you're going to treat him like some violent threat?
Make him clean out his office with a cop watching? With the officer telling him he's going to have to look at everything before he can take it??!!
This man, who has served this community for over 40 YEARS, treated with this level of disrespect!!

It's a DISGRACE! If Joe Aull did something so bad to be treated this way, why in the H*LL would you not at least TELL HIM!!??

If someone you loved was treated this way you'd be upset too. Someone that you know has handled every job with respect and complete professionalism. Someone who you KNOW cares deeply about their little town. Someone who treats everybody they meet with kindness and respect.
You'd be upset too.

Lexington, this man deserves answers and so do you."



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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